In an eHarmony ad. Hitched 2 days later!

Through my super awesome agent The Jacky Winter Group, I did an ad for eHarmony. It was great fun!
BTW, I actually got hitched two days after shooting this ad so it was a busy (and wonderful) few days.

Working on this was a totally new experience for me. Drawing on a huge perspex screen with ‘liquid chalk’, having my brow occasionally wiped and working in a film studio was excellent fun.
And HERE is the ad – just press PLAY!
Here are some screen shots too :)




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2 Responses to “In an eHarmony ad. Hitched 2 days later!”

  1. Hugh says:

    hey Cat,
    I wanted to see the finished product, but when I followed the link, no love, it shows the wrong tab when the page loads.

    Nice work! looked like fun….

    • Cat says:

      Hi Hugh,
      Thanks so much for alerting me! I’ve just changed the link – hopefully it all works fine now…
      Yeah, it was such a fun project to work on!
      Thanks heaps Hugh,

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